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Musical Reality
A Philosophical Treatise of Dr. Schimmel's compositional style
Falling from Grace
An Autobiography. ( Read review by Henry Doktorski in Articles section)
Composing On a large Scale
A pedagogical Form teaching how to write large scale compositions
Building Melodies
A Step by step Approach to writing workable melodies in any style
Zen Phrasing
A book for Accordionists, using full bellows to develop long-line phrasing
Improving Aural Skills
Ear training in four hours
Beethoven Scored
New Realities on Ludwig Van Scores, recompositions and transcriptions that go beyond
Seven Modes
A close up practical approach to Greek modes
Learning From Lawrence
A series of essays on a variety of subjects, including the title subject: Learning from Lawrence
The Chicago Anthology
Compositions written in 1986 in Chicago when Dr. Schimmel was working with Tom Waits
The Tantric Christian Church
A series of writings, pieces and philosophical wanderings proposing an unlikely union.
A large anthology of pieces, writings and drawings pertaining to Dr. Schimmel's musical philosophies.
The Destruction Of the World
A collection of ironic writings and compositions including Karmina Sutrana as well as controversial letters and responses.
The Politics Of the Third Banana
A collection of writings-check article 6 for details.
The Existential Accordion
Contains two essays: Evolution in the realm of permanent transtition and Excelsior, the best and nothing but the best
How to Play the Accordion
A comprehensive method for professionals on basic accordion playing, especially effective for the existing musician crossing over to the accordion
Tune Up time with Jerry Lewis
A series of graphic pieces, articles, drawings and music compositions
A small book of short philosophical renderings----with music

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