Accordion VS Piano

Kathleen Goodman is an actress, singer, who works in TV, Theatre and Films. She is an Order of the Shield graduate, and also a licensed massage therapist. She's participated in virtually all the previous yearly accordion seminars in the areas of acting, movement, singing and health related topics. During one of my meetings with Kathleen, I asked her why she preferred singing Rodgers and Hart songs with accordion accompaniment.

W.S. What's so special about singing Rodgers and Hart backed up by the accordion?
K.G. I like the irony.
W.S. What do you mean by irony?
K.G. It's like performing with another person--the accordion, I mean. And I enjoy the multi-layered ness and all those sound possibilities.
W.S. As opposed to the typical piano accompaniment?
K.G. Exactly!
W.S. Which are your favorites?
K.G. The Blue Room and My Funny Valentine. The accordion actually takes them back further in time---Earlier than they were written.
W.S. There's a tendency to update Rodgers and Hart, to make it hip, to jazzercise it.
K.G. I prefer my retro approach.
W.S. Perhaps that's the irony you're talking about!
K.G. Yes!