Falling from Grace

Micki Goodman is in production for her new film FALLING FROM GRACE, the second in an ontological series of films based on the theatre works of Micki and her husband, William Schimmel. It is produced and directed by Micki and edited by Deborah Magocsi. The first, THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN was completed last fall and has been viewed internationally. On her new film Micki says:
"The work that Bill and I have created over these years exists in spite of the status quo. The power doesn't come through the all-powerful director controlling his vision-----very Modern Art. It is more spiritual (internally driven need) and philosophical (questioning). The images of the ball deflating, up the ladder/down the ladder. Hibrow / lobrow. The misunderstood accordion and its culture, the modern dance element, the papers flying or being scattered, the answering machine messages holds the key: the first one from singer Angelina Reaux asking what is this performance you're doing? The second one from Charles and Diana respectfully saying they cannot attend but wish us well. And the third message which asks for an accordionist in lederhosen. What do you think?"

Micki Goodman