[ Falling From Grace ]
Micki Goodman is in production for her new film FALLING FROM GRACE, the second in an ontological series of films based on the theatre works of Micki and her husband, William Schimmel. It is produced and directed by Micki and edited by Deborah Magocsi. ...more
[ Accordion Vs Piano ]
Kathleen Goodman is an actress, singer, who works in TV, Theatre and Films. She is an Order of the Shield graduate, and also a licensed massage therapist. She's participated in virtually all the previous yearly accordion seminars in the areas of acting...more


[ The Merl Festival ]
Imagine vintage western suits and ties, cowboy hats and boots right here in NYC. Better still, local talent singing the tunes of Merle Haggard. Yes, all of this happened on a cold February evening in the fur district. I ventured alone to find the Chelsea Mountain Boys, ...more
[ Subway Accordion ]
Spiff Wiegand is a classical guitarist who got hooked on the accordion. When he's not playing with the band THE LEADER, he plays the subway circuit. We asked him why. ...more


[ The Art of Faking ]

Why does PAUL CRESTON'S MUSIC sound better when it is "Faked"?
1.) It exposes his structures, both harmonically and rhythmically, by scanning the notes.
2.) By "Playing the Structure" we get the notes in a more profound way. more

[ Paul On Strolling ]
Paul Stein is an avid researcher, an Order Of The Shield graduate and a strolling accordionist who entertains thousands of people each year. He has participated in all the previous accordion seminars and probably owns the largest accordion Tchatchkes collection in the world. His strolling seminar ...more


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