The Old In and Out- 6

Dr. Schimmel is joined by his co-host Brian Dewan in a lively discussion about contests, awards, oscars, emmys and trophies – as well as the non -competitiveness of The Seminars.
The featured music is: The Lighthouse by Brian Dewan – with Brian on Accordion, zither and vocals.

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  1. Dear Bill,
    I am enjoying the dialogue. I’ve only listened to a couple but find them more than banter.
    I was curious why no one has (apparently) submitted any comments…so here’s mine.
    I grew up in Goosetown, Italian ghetto in San Jose, and studied accordion there. I was born in ’46 as well–but when people ask me how long I’ve played, I usually say “Kennedy was President.” It’s true.
    I never won a statue but I played Tchaikovsky in 4-part accordion bands. I’ve spent my life trying to elevate the accordion since it has been in the mud for so long.
    Thank you for providing these discussions. I have your CD–with Miami Beach rumba and I’ve played it for many,many decades. i’ll be playing it next week at the San Francisco Accordion Club, and I’ll dedicate my version of it to you. Ciao, and please let us know when you come out to the bay area, will you? Ci vediamo, Sheri

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