The Old In and Out- 7

Dr. Schimmel and Brian Dewan discuss the musette stop, dry tuning, playing for the small fry, The permanent collection of free reed instruments at the Metropolitan Museum, the Hohner 12 bass pre-war model,
The Excelsior concert grand and baby grand, The Ladies’ model and a performance of Daylight in the Swamp by Brian – followed by Grove Road and Charlie, Keep me up – by John Foti from his new CD,
Everybody’s coming to Town.

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  1. Well, darn! I missed your musette discussion. I just published a new book on the musette and the dances. If only I had tuned in, I might have been able to include some of your comments as contribution. So, I’ll listen tonight and see what I missed. Perhaps, in a 2nd edition, I can add more to the book. Thank you for providing this chat room. I think you’re providing a great service by holding these dialogues. Sheri PS, I’ll send you the E-book. hope your address is somewhere on the website…

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