The Old In and Out- 14

Dr.Schimmel and his co-host, Brian Dewan, discuss new events in the Catskills including a new community radio show as well as some up-coming performances.
Dr. Schimmel talks about his upcoming performances in Wozzeck at the Metropolitan Opera on April 6, 9 13 and 16 and performs his new radio opera, Wozzeck the Winner. Brian performs Cool Water and they both discuss the song, Deck of Cards. The show ends with a short promo on the upcoming Seminars on July 29, 30 and 31 at Tenri titled Walton the Imperial: Crowned. Brian will close the weekend with Candy bars for Elvis.


  1. @sheri mignano
    we play from the music at the met – I did a version of Wozzeck with Geneva Opera years ago and we had to memorize and act drunk.
    In either case it’s all about concentration and focus. In Opera, everyone is part of the larger picture and keeping one’s mental psyche in the actual scene and character is the main challenge. As any great actor will tell you – Know what show you’re in, show up on time, learn your part well and don’t trip over any sets or props.

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