The Old In and Out- 15

Dr. Schimmel and his co-host, Brian Dewan, discuss the Royal Wedding and the killing of Bin Laden. They also express the desire to return to a more innocent times using the accordion as the oracle. The accordion, with its built in ironic duality can balance naive with knowing. Dr Schimmel plays this premiere of Naif Variations for 12 bass pre-war Hohner accordion amd Brian Dewan premieres his solo voice version of Go get the Ax in honor of Mothers Day.

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  1. Beyond the ironic duality, I would add that the accordion dwells in the realm of paradox. Anyone with a couple of lessons can play it while it takes a lifetime to learn it. The accordion spans the spectrum (highbrow/lowbrow; madonna/whore; facile/complex etc). Unfortunately, many players have denigrated it with tasteless rep, mechanical breathing, and contrived renditions that do nothing to elevate the accordion’s status. Why must everything be turned into a polka? It’s fun and easy to do that but can’t we refuse? Resist! I’m sure that at the family gatherings, as was the case with ours, the cousins all played accordion–and yet when the hymnal piece or the traditional folk song was played, it was nostalgia that made everyone cry. Ah ha! it hit the right chord! Memories of a time of innocence. Thanks for a fun chat!

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